Southern Homes Grows To Over 100 Agents

What sets Southern Homes of the Carolinas apart?

Since 2009, many so-called “100%” companies have popped up. Although some of these companies may be a quality alternative, very few actually survive more than a few years.

Realty Source has been in business since 2009, has over 100 agents and brokers, absolutely zero debt, and is 100% profitable.

What does this mean to you? This means that Southern Homes of the Carolinas will be here for the long haul. You can rest assured knowing that you have a 100% commission broker who will remain in business!

What makes Southern Homes of the Carolinas unique? Take a look below!

REAL 100% Commission:
Realty Source offers the highest net commission in North Carolina. You know your fees regardless of the sales price. We charge $350.00 dollars per closing”, like many of the newcomers. Our fees are all-inclusive. There are NEVER any hidden fees (i.e. Monthly, Website, Technology, Risk Management, E&O, Penalties, etc.)!